From 21 March 2023 to 22 March 2023

Pharmabiotics 2023 – Conference & Partnering

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Come and meet us at the Pharmabiotics Event 2023 to learn more about microbiome drug development.

So proud that this event is taking place again in Lyon! A region where many companies and centers of excellence in #microbiota research are located and which are partners of our #excellence network: BIOASTER, MaaT Pharma, Active Biomarkers, Carmen, CIRI Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie, HawkCell, NETRI, SFR Biosciences, VirNext, ViroScan 3D and Virpath

️ Our non-clinical research #network on microbiota and #infectious #diseases will be introducing during the first day by CYNBIOSE.

Cynbiose, Bioaster and Biofortis will be present on the 2 days of event – 21th to 22th March as speakers.

About Pharmabiotics Conference & Partnering

Pharmabiotics Conference & Partnering brings together players from academia and industry to make Microbiome-based Drug Products a therapeutic reality. The scientific program is organised in such a way to reflect the R&D continuum, addressing each major phase of scientific advances, challenges and innovations across all stages of microbiome product development.

Developing new therapeutic and diagnostic technologies based on the microbiome presents great challenges, beginning as early as the lab all the way to meaningful clinical trials and commercialization: Developing and validating novel analytical methods, understanding the microbiome ‘beyond bacteria’ (virome, bacteriophages and fungi…), the future of complex microbial consortia, and diving into regulatory science considerations to give you and your team the tools to de-risk your development.

Are you a part of this exciting and dynamic field? Join us in Lyon in March 2023 to find out the latest in microbiome-based medicinal product research and development.

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