20 June 2022

Highlight on CIRI🤝

The CIRI (Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie) is a joint research unit of the University of Lyon 1, Inserm, CNRS and ENS de Lyon, Jean Monnet University and Hospices Civils de Lyon in partnership with VetAgro Sup and the Institut Pasteur. The CIRI brings together scientific and medical research communities from complementary disciplinary backgrounds,more than 400 people, grouped into 3 specialties namely bacteriology, immunology and virology, as well as epidemiology and eco-infectiology. They all work together with the main objective of understanding the interactions between microbes and their hosts in order to better fight against infectious and immune diseases. In close collaboration with hospitals and private companies, CIRI conducts research projects ranging from fundamental to translational, leading to scientific publications, patent applications, public-private collaborations and start-ups creations.
The objective of one of CIRI project is for example to better understand the mechanisms of action and escape of the humoral response against hepatitis C virus (HCV) with the prospect of new treatments against this major public health pathogen .



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