Early preclinical developpement for human microbiome therapeutics

Cynbiome® is your partner for the development of human microbiome therapeutics (Live Biotherapeutic products, …) from the design and manufacturing of the candidates to the preclinical assessment.

We support your teams with a pharma-based approach, customized support, scientific & technical advice and high-value added specialized services.

Sourcing, Identification

Optimization, Formulation, ROA, Delivery system

R&D batches, scale-up, cGMP manufacturing

In vitro : Microfluidic, other in vitro models

Ex vivo : 3D models, Microfluidic

Fit-for-Purpose (healthy) animal models : rodent (mice) and non-rodent (NHP)

● Biodistribution studies (risks associated with Dose selection, dose regimen)
● Impact of environmental factors (diet, …)
Translocation, migration, infection


In vitro / ex vivo models (human respiratory epithelium, organ on chip / microbiota on chip)

Fit-for-Purpose efficacy models : rodent (mice) and non-rodent (NHP)

● Healthy models (Microbiota transplanted, environmental effect)
● Physiopathological models
Longitudinal follow-up (flow cytometry, bioanalysis, imaging,….)

On-demand models, assays

Identification of biomarkers