Technological, analytical and research based solutions

Explore the microbiome world with a network of experts! We support your projects with customized support, scientific and technical advice and high-value added services throughout the value chain of the development of therapeutic and prophylactic microbiome-based or drug candidates.

Strain Identification (aerobic, anaerobic or GMO strains), targeted isolation

Strain Characterization

● Genotyping, phenotyping
● Resistance and biochemical profiling
● Metagenomic, Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
Sorting & cultivation of microorganisms in controlled atmosphere

Purification, Quality, Optimization

Computational analyses: bioinformatics, statistics, machine learning, AI

Banking system

● Working cell banks & Master cell banks
Formulation and delivery systems

● Formulation : Live Biotherapeutic products, Drugs
● Fermentation model to select relevant culture media, quality testing by flow cytometry
● Delivery system (including inhaled produtcs)
Galenic preparation for LBPs

Pharmaceutical process development (drug substance, drug product) for LBPs

R&D and preclinical batches

● Aerobic & anaerobic controlled conditions
● Quality testing – flow cytometry or NMR flow cytometry or NMR (viability, purity, bacterial load)
cGMP manufacturing

Wet-lab and computational methods


“Multi-omics” approach for Microbiome profiling on different type of samples including complex samples (example: feces, …)

● Microbial sequencing (NGS short & long reads): Metagenomics (WGS, 16S, shotgun), single cell
● Metabolomics, Transcriptomics
● Connectomics
Flow cytometry (aerobic/anaerobic)

Biomolecular & Computational analyses

Big data analytics

In silico prediction

Organ-on- a-chip / Microbiota-on-chip

● Gut brain axis
● Other chips under development
Specialized ex vivo models

● Next-generation platforms for phenotypic screening, co-culture systems for human cells and microbes
● Reconstructed nasal human airway epithelium
Innovative in vivo models

● Rodent models : Transgenic, axenic, gnotobiotic mice, Immunocompromised animal models
● Non-rodent models (Non-human primates) : microbiota transplanted models & infectious diseases models
● Imaging (whole body, rodent & non-rodent), Indirect biomarkers (MRI)

Current available biomarkers and discovery of novel biomarkers in different types of samples (blood, urine, faeces, tissues, microbiome biomarkers)

● Method development & validation, testing
● Highly specialized technological platform for soluble and cell biomarkers
● Indirect biomarkers by imaging (MRI)
Explore host-microbiota interactions and how the microbiome influence health and disease?

In different therapeutic areas such as infectious and respiratory diseases, obesity and diet related pathologies, central nervous system, inflammatory diseases, …

Human microbiota biobanks

In vitro / ex vivo assays for predictive response on targeted human microbiota

● Organ-on-a-chip
In vivo models (rodent / non-rodent)

● Rodent models: Transgenic, axenic, gnotobiotic mice, Immunocompromised animal models
● Non-rodent models (Non-human primates) : microbiota transplanted models & infectious diseases models
Functional assays, Immunoassays, Immunophenotyping, Metabolic phenotyping, Molecular biology, Human immune repertoire and inflammatory biomarkers, Human sam

Imaging (whole body, rodent & non-rodent), Indirect biomarkers (MRI)

Towards the clinics: identify translational soluble, cell and microbiome-based clinical biomarkers (non-GLP and GLP)

Biomarkers: Method development & validation, testing

Indirect biomarkers (inflammation, immune-system, metabolites, …)