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Founded in 2008, CYNBIOSE is specialized in preclinical research services with a core expertise and focus on the non-human primate (NHP) model.

We support the derisking of drug candidates and human microbiome therapeutics (such as Live Biotherapeutic products – LBPs)  with different services and hybrid exploratory designs to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical development.

Our panel of services:

  • Exploratory pharmacokineticsand  pharmacodynamics studies,
  • Early safety studies (non-GLP),
  • Efficacy studiesin multiple therapeutic areas particularly in infectious diseases (BSL 2/3 facility),
  • Inhaled products and aerosoltherapies assessment (both in vitro and in vivo)

We provide customized & value-added services in a high quality-based environment and work closely with our customers to a achieve long-term relationship.

Our facility is fully AAALAC accredited and has the agreement to handle wild type or GMOs pathogens. All our preclinical studies are supported by a GLP-like quality management system.

CYNBIOSE is also investing in R&D programs to develop innovative NHP models for the study of microbiota and infectious diseases.


Cynbiose launched CYNBIOME ® late 2019, the first excellence network on microbiota and infectious diseases based on the Non-Human Primate (NHP) model.

This network will take full advantage of the synergy between local stakeholders by creating a division for the preclinical investigation of the microbiome.

The aim of the network is to develop this model and the relevant analytical tools through collaborative R&D projects. This will allow CYNBIOME® to offer unique preclinical services in the field of microbiome and infectious diseases, centered on the use of the NHP model. These services are aimed at the biopharmaceutical industry and will initially cover the preclinical validation of the safety of Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs), followed by studies on microbiota as a biomarker of, or natural adjuvant, to anti-infective agents. These services will subsequently be extended to other therapeutic areas.

Additional values

  • Hybrid and flexible design of protocols
  • Development and implementation of on-demand efficacy models
  • Involvement in funding programs for research and innovation (National calls for projects, Horizon Europe, …) and possibility of co-development with academic research teams and/or private companies
  • Scientific and technical support
  • State-of-the-art facility for microbiome and infectious diseases (operational by 2022)
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Contact details


General Manager & CEO