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Hubert VIDAL

Research Director


Created in Lyon, in January 2011 and renewed in January 2021, the CarMeN laboratory is a biomedical research laboratory in the field of cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, diabetology and nutrition.

These major health diseases have common physiopathological bases related to the environment, lifestyle and aging population. The objectives of the CarMeN laboratory are to improve the knowledge of these diseases and to seek new therapeutic and preventive strategies for a better management of patients.

CarMeN is a center of excellence that brings together the main research forces in the fields of metabolism, nutrition and cardiovascular diseases in Lyon. With approximately 180 people, researchers, teachers, hospital practitioners, and relying on cutting-edge clinical and technological research platforms, CarMeN offers a unique environment for the realization of real translational research. The laboratoire is organised in 3 research teams : Team 1: «Diet and food matrix in Obesity: role of Intestinal tract and innovative Therapeutics (DO-IT)» headed by Marie-Caroline Michalski (DR INRAE) ; Team 2: «Mitochondria-ER Interactions and Signalling in Metabolic health and diseases (MERISM)» headed by Jennifer Rieusset (DR INSERM) and Team 3: «Ischemia-ReperfusIon Syndromes (IRIS)» headed by Gabriel Bidaux (CR INSERM).

The CarMeN laboratory has been certified ISO 9001-2008 since July 2013 for the realization of its research programs and the training of students.
CarMeN is a member of the Institut Thématique Multiorganisme (ITMO) «Physiopathology, metabolism, nutrition».

Additional values

  • Clinical research
  • Access to cohorts of healthy volunteers and patients (NASH, type 2 diabetes, obesity, myocardial infarction, stroke)
  • Animal models
  • Technological plateforms (genomics, histology, imaging, lipidomics)

Intellectual property

Development of new probiotic strains for metabolic diseases


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Contact details

Hubert VIDAL

Research Director