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Created in 2012, following the French initiative of Technological Research Institutes, BIOASTER is a non-for-profit scientific foundation developing a unique and innovative model to support the latest technological challenges in microbiology. We aim at bringing together the best of public and private partners together with our internal capacities to develop and execute high impact collaborative projects.

Our fields of intervention encompass human and veterinary infectious diseases and focuses on vaccines, antimicrobials, diagnosis and microbiota. Together with our partners, we develop high added-value technological solutions which accelerates the time to market of medical and health-related innovations.

Key figures:
• 4 fields of expertise: antimicrobials, diagnostics, vaccines and microbiota
• 2,450 m2 of BSL2 & BSL3 laboratories in Lyon and Paris;
• 100+ employees, including 80% of scientific experts and representing 17 nationalities;
• >70 collaborative projects, involving private partners and public partners.

Additional values

  • Sourcing of clinical samples, biospecimens and bacterial isolates – fecal samples, tumoral microenvironment, live biotherapeutics
  • Microorganisms isolation from complex environment in controlled atmospheres – flow cytometry sorting in aerobic & anoxic conditions,
  • High throughput screening of bacterial isolate – microfluidics, advanced optics engineering, genomics, transcriptomics
  • Host microbiota interactionin vivo and in vitro preclinical models, gut-on-chip, immunomonitoring, metabolomics
  • Bioproduction and in-line quality control :  selective & elective fermentation conditions, viability & purity assessment via flow cytometry
  • Advanced Data integration – Bioinformatics, biostatistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Intellectual property

Since 2012

  • 24 patents
  • 2 software licenses
  • 6 proprietary technologies and know-how “Designed by Bioaster” – such as the Anoxic Plateform, Lumiseq® and MetSAMoa®
  • Shareholder in Genecovery, a start-up co-founded by a former Bioaster collaborator
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Contact details


Strategic Partnerships Manager